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Ichimoku Market Review
12 16 20

In this video, I want to take you inside our member's live weekly webinar session as we review the current and upcoming markets. In this review, we were using Ichimoku for our market analysis along with price action, chart patterns, and support and resistance. 

Ichimoku Current Live Trades and Trade Alert Psychology

In today's video, I want to take a look at a few Ichimoku live trades that I am currently in and talk about how I entered those trades. The AUD vs JPY trade was sent out to my members via our newsletter. If you are a subscriber then you could have made nice profit on a free trade alert. 

How To Trade Heikin Ashi Candles

This was a member's webinar session where we discussed how to trade using the Heikin Ashi candles. The Heikin Ashi candles are known as average candles and they help eliminate the noise in the market and also help traders to see a more defined market structure. This video will help you understand how to trade using the Heikin Ashi candles.

Trading Ichimoku With Pin Bars

In this video I would like to introduce to you the Pin Bar and how to trade it with Ichimoku. Most traders know what the Pin Bar is as it is one of the more defined and reliable candlesticks. This video will show you how you can use the Pin Bar when trading Ichimoku.

Understanding The
C-Clamp Setup

The C-Clamp! Your probably thinking of some type of tool used to change your brakes, but actually this is a formation that you can spot with Ichimoku. This formation is good at helping traders to spot an extended market and could keep you from entering a bad trade. Watch this video and learn this reliable formation.

How To Find Profit Targets Using The Fib Expansion Tool

Fibonacci retracements are widely known by traders and help traders to locate entries during a correction but once you enter that trade, you can use the fib expansion tool to help you find your targets.

Concept of Trading Near Kijun

If you trade Ichimoku then you know that the Kijun is a very important aspect of the system. Do you know why? The Kijun is the market equilibrium point and the market is always trying to get back to equilibrium. Knowing this small concept can help you to know when and when not to get into a trade.

Reading The Market Structure To Enter A Trade

Market structure is a very important aspect of the market that every trader should know and understand. Market structure involves trend direction and also support and resistance. If you are not aware of the trend direction or do not know where support and resistance levels are on your chart then you might find yourself wondering why yo just lost your trade. This video will help you to understand market structure.

Don't Get Caught In A Bull Or Bear Trap

The market is at a resistance level and breaks higher. You jump in to catch the rally and the market turns against you. You've just been caught in a bull trap. This video will help you understand what bull and bear traps are and how you can avoid getting trapped.

Using The Williams Percent R With Ichimoku

The Williams Percent Range is a momentum indicator invented by commodity trader Larry Williams. This is a very good indicator when used in conjunction with the trend. Since Ichimoku is good at displaying the trend, we can use Williams %R to nail down our entries. Watch the video and I'll show you how.

High Probability Kumo Breakout Trading Webinar 2-21-15

As we know, many breakout tend to fail and have traders stuck in losing positions. Even when trading with Ichimoku, the Kumo Breakout trade is not as reliable as we would like. Well in this video, I will show you how to put the probabilities in your favor when trading Kumo Breakouts.

AUD vs USD Trade Thought Process

In this video, I am showing a trade that I took with the AUD vs USD and what the thought process was for me to take the trade when I did. Seeing trades is good but understanding what the trader was thinking and why helps you to understand even more.

Naked Price Action Trading Webinar

Many people know me for mainly trading Ichimoku, but a vital part of trading is understanding price. Learning to trade pure price is an art that can help you no matter what style of trader you are.

Trading Support & Resistance Zones

Support and resistance is a major part of any trading strategy as the market always makes support and resistance levels and in time eventually returns to most of these levels. At these levels is where the market talks to you. Understanding how to find these levels and then learning the market language will put you on a path to success.

Understanding Market Structure Webinar 10-5-15

This video is very important because you will learn how to understand the structure of the market. Understanding the market structure is simple as understanding market direction. It all sounds simple until we find ourselves taking trades in the wrong direction. Learning market structure helps you to internalize the price action seen on the chart and then allows you to put your plan in place.

Trading The Markets Using RSI

RSI is the Relative Strength Indicator and is widely used in the trading industry. It is one of the most popular indicators and for many reasons. In this video I want to show you how I use the RSI in my trading.

Why Support & Resistance Is Not Just A Level!

Once again I am discussing support and resistance and in my opinion if you do not understand support and resistance then you shouldn't even be trading. Support and resistance is not just a line drawn on your chart. It's more important than that and in this video I will show you why.

Ichimoku C-Clamp & Walking Dragon Trade Setup Preview

In this video I will be discussing Ichimoku and how to trade a C-Clamp and Walking Dragon Trade Setup. If you don't know what these trades are, that's cool! Just watch the video and then you'll be able to apply these techniques when trading with Ichimoku.

Webinar Talking Heikin Ashi & Awesome Oscillator 9-2-16

In this video I will show you how to trade using Heiken Ashi candles along with the Awesome Oscillator. Heikin Ashi candles are good at defining the trend while the Awesome Oscillator is used to measure market momentum. Adding the two together could set you up for good trading opportunities.

Ichimoku Strategies Webinar

In this video I will show you some trading strategies that you can use with Ichimoku. In reality, Ichimoku is used to define trend, identify support and resistance levels, show market bias, and market strength. In this video I will show you some strategies to use with Ichimoku.

Fractals Are Your Map To Success

The fractal is a lagging and leading indicator created by trader Bill Williams. Many people only understand the lagging capabilities of the fractal and today I am going to show you how this indicator can guide you when trading the markets. If you want to learn more about fractals and how to use them as a leading trading indicator, I suggest taking my fractal course.

This Is How We Know The Trend Might Continue

Understanding when a trend might end is a vital part of trading with the trend. How can you trade with the trend if you cannot follow the trend. Better yet, once you think you found the trend it then goes the opposite direction. The market usually gives us clues to almost everything it does and in this video I will show you how to spot a trend that might not be your friend.

Ichimoku Market Disequilibrium 3-2-18

The market has two states, equilibrium and disequilibrium. Knowing what state the market is in can be a key to your success or failure. Ichimoku can tell you the state of the market and knowing that will determine what you do next.