Lesson series

Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques (Lifetime)

This course is designed to take you beyond the basics of Ichimoku and focus on the three pillars of Ichimoku known as the Time, Wave, and Price Observation Theories. Understand the directionality of the market with the Wave Theory. Know when to expect a market move with Time Theory, and understand where the market may got using Price Observation Theory. This course will definitely take you beyond the basics and into an Ichimoku learning experience that you have never experienced before.

Ichimoku Masters Certificate

Upon completion of this course you will become an Ichimoku Master Trader certified by FX At One Glance. You will be considered proficient in the skill of Ichimoku analysis. You will have the understanding and ability to perform a wide range of research and analysis activities using Ichimoku theories. You will have advanced Ichimoku knowledge and understand techniques including trend and pattern analysis using Ichimoku. You will be proficient in analyzing any market using Ichimoku Time, Wave, and Price Observation Theories. 

  • Learn the Art of trading Ichimoku
  • Learn the Ichimoku Three Pillars
  • Learn market structure
  • Learn how to calculate profit targets
  • Become a more proficient trader
  • Master Certification in Ichimoku Market Research
Meet the instructor

Carl Burgette

Carl Burgette is a professional trader and educator to thousands of students across the world. Widely known as an Ichimoku expert and one of the industry's leading Ichimoku technical analysts, Carl has nearly two decades of financial market experience.

His career started with GFAN brokerage firm in 2001 as a proprietary trader executing an assortment of market strategies. Since 2008 Carl has traded his personal account along with instructing and educating students. In 2014 Carl started FX At One Glance with an approach to provide affordable trading and investor education services.
Carl Burgette - Instructor