I joined FX at One Glance as a COMPLETE novice. I completed all available courses and began to understand to ideas and practice of the Ichimoku system. There is so much information in the courses that I regularly return to refresh and generally use them as a reference source. Carl’s lesson delivery suits my learning style and made the whole experience rewarding and empowering. The inter-play between the fractal system and the Ichimoku system is vital to my success as a trader and Carl’s passion for both systems and how he gives so freely of his experience and knowledge is unparalleled in the online trading community.
The other feature of the site I have gained an incredible assistance from is the chat room. Sure, for the first few visits I had no idea what the members were talking about, but as my understanding grew so did my appreciation of the other members thoughts and ideas.
This is the only site I would consider for the Ichimoku system, fractal system and genuine passion for traders. Outstanding effort by Carl and all his team.