Joined a little over a month ago. Been following Forex at One Glance for a couple of years on youtube. I tried trading ichimoku based on those videos and made some profit but not much. I needed to find a support group to help me with my market interpretations and trigger setups.

I decided to become a member.

A new world was opened to me. The theory is a lot clearer and my confidence has been boosted. Even though I am entering less trades, the risk I take is less than ever and the profit I am taking is more than ever. While I am writing this, I am literally watching a trade setup Forex at one glance posted in the members forum and watching it rise.

The most important thing is, at this point, the courses and mentorship provided by Forex at one glance has given me clarity to have done these trade on my own.
-My trading processes
-Trade Journaling,
-Money Management
-And clear understanding of entry points and triggers

The members help each other out in a supportive manner and it is like having a team of traders sharing setups and triggers they all find.

I really should have joined a LONG time ago.