Ichimoku Online Video Course: Excellent course, excellent teacher
If you want to learn Forex and use Ichimoku, you’ll have no better training than this.
The teacher is superb! He has a way of teaching that makes it all easy to understand. He gives very clear examples, logical instructions and explanations, all step by step.
Both beginners as advanced traders can learn from Carl’s high quality course.
You can re-watch the videos for more profound knowledge, because you’ll still learn something new: as you progress as a trader you’ll learn to apply different strategies.
Carl has in-depth knowledge of when and how to use Ichimoku and gives you other techniques as well when Ichimoku does not apply.

I can’t stress enough that even when you have the best trainer in the world, a training will not work for you if you don’t put in the time and effort to do the work, to learn and apply the lessons in your trading. If you do, this is the best course ever. I’ve seen many courses on Forex and this is the best AND at a very affordable price!
Carl is very willing to help you if you ask for it, either on the forum or via mail. I can’t think of anyone else who is so available for his students. A man with a passion and a mission!

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