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Release Of Ichimoku Fractal Scanner

Welcome to the most comprehensive and powerful Ichimoku Screening tool available to traders and investors. You can select from many technical criteria to find trade setups¬†based on the strategies used by ChaosTrader63. Khaos Ichimoku Scanner is the flagship product for KhaosTrades. It offers detection and scans of various Ichimoku patterns as well as fractal formations. ¬†The scanner searches through more than 30 currency pairs, futures, stocks, etf’s ,etc to help you find the trade setups from Chaos Traders courses in both the Ichimoku and Advanced Japanese techniques. This helps you to save time so that you do not have to search through all the currency pairs to find your trade setups. Searching 20 or more currency pairs for trade setups is an exhausting task. While you are searching you are probably missing trade opportunities. Well never again miss as opportunity as you can just glance at the scanner and you will know which pair has a setup and trading opportunity.

Ichimoku Fractal Scanner


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