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“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows”

the first thing one must do when learning anything is to approach as an empty vessel. If your mind is already full of what you know, there is no room for anything else. Sometimes, what you think you know isn’t right. A closed mind gathers no new facts! When you find yourself unable to achieve your goals it is either you do not know how to achieve your goal, or you think you already know how to achieve your goals. If one can be humble, and admit that there are things left for us to learn, then that leads to a different attitude, and very different results.

The question then becomes “About what are you willing to reconsider, in case you might be wrong or in need of some new information?” Are you willing to have the ‘beginners mind?

“The drive to close the gap between near-perfect and perfect is the difference between great and unstoppable.” Do you wanna be great?

Sometimes being great involves getting help from others! That is where our mentorship program comes in! When you enter the mentor-ship program, you get one week of intense one-on-one sessions held daily. Each session last at least 1 hour per day and held online using the Go To Meeting application. First you will discuss with your mentor your strengths and weaknesses and what you expect to receive from the mentorship program. Once your goals are set and the learning objective is discussed your mentor will set up a plan of attack for each session of the week. Once your week is completed if you feel you need more time you can pay for as many weeks as you feel is needed to achieve your objective. Once you have completed your weekly session you will then have a session with Carl aka ChaosTrader63.

The sessions will focus on Technical Analysis training with topics to include, Ichimoku, Fractals, Support & Resistance, Price Action, Advanced Ichimoku, Candlestick Analysis and much more. You can also focus on the topics of your choice.

If you are interested in the Mentorship Program, please fill out the form below and I will be contacting you! God bless!

FX At One Glance Mentorship Program



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