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FX At One Glance Mentorship Program

No matter how smart you are, or how brilliant you might be, everyone needs a good mentor. I was very fortunate to have been mentored by a very successful Ichimoku trader in Japan, Yoshikazu Nagasawa.   Someone, somewhere, has already been through what you are experiencing right now, and he or she has come out the other side armed with invaluable insights.

If your goal is to learn and understand the market or maybe an increase in performance, you may need some guidance, leadership, training or coaching to help get you there.  Working even harder and doing the same thing with the same outcome can create confusion and cause you to lose sight of what you should be doing. Consider a coach or mentor who can provide the skill set to keep you focused and successful.

Meet The Mentors

Freya van der Valk

Freya has been with FX At One Glance from the very beginning! She is a very detailed and does things in a well though out systematic approach.  She has developed a trading setup using Ichimoku and Chikou Span, which can be found in the forum. She has been a (history) teacher, sales manager and entrepreneur in historical tours. She also mentor others in financial planning and literacy, based on the concepts laid out by Robert Kiyosaki. She is  a member of a mastermind on passive income and an active member of Toastmasters International. Freya is a big believer in accountability and inspiring/helping others. She has developed her own planner to make her goals work. I am sure you will enjoy working with Freya and I know she can help you to achieve your goals!

Creighton Medlock


Ali Baba

I have been trading stocks and indices since 1999 after my broker introduced me to T.A. I soon realized I was the best person to take care of my financial future and have been doing it ever since. Member of FX at one glance since the very beginning I have contributed to over 2000 posts. I have been trading forex since 2014. Although I love to help others I also realize that this helps me improve at various levels. Ichimoku is the cornerstone of my trading which is based on simplicity, market understanding and favorable risk/reward. I work in the mechanical engineering field. I have a wife and 3 children. My other interests are outdoor activities and sports.The years spent racing, teaching and coaching snowboarding have given me the opportunity to appreciate the value and rewards of mentoring

Oezguer Biskin

I am a graduate of Business Studies from the University of Hamburg. Known as TT or TraderTrade, I started trading with stocks, then shifted from stocks to Forex. I am trading Forex since the end of 2013. I am mainly trading naked charts but use occasionally Ichimoku also. My trading setup is based on the weekly time-frame. I do a top down analysis and establish a bias for the week. The concept involves market structure, Fractal structure and Price Action. Being involved in Martial Arts helps me stay disciplined and follow my plan.

So How Does It Work?

When you enter the mentor-ship program, you get one week of intense one-on-one sessions held daily. Each session last at least 1 hour per day and held online using the Go To Meeting application. First you will discuss with your mentor your strengths and weaknesses and what you expect to receive from the mentorship program. Once your goals are set and the learning objective is discussed your mentor will set up a plan of attack for each session of the week. Once your week is completed if you feel you need more time you can pay for as many weeks as you feel is needed to achieve your objective. Once you have completed your weekly session you will then have a session with Carl aka ChaosTrader63.

The sessions will focus on Technical Analysis training with topics to include, Ichimoku, Fractals, Support & Resistance, Price Action, Advanced Ichimoku, Candlestick Analysis and much more. You can also focus on the topics of your choice.

OK So How Much Does It Cost?

Each week cost $500 and you will be taught by the best mentors chosen by myself! I have handpicked each mentor because I have been with them from the beginning of this journey and know their capabilities!

If you are interested in the program, please fill out the form below and I will contact you. Once I get some input from you I will place you with the mentor that I feel can help you best. Don’t waste another day or another dollar! Please fill out the form below and get your education started!

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”
Fill Out The Form Below And Get Your Education Going In The Right Direction!

Please fill out the form below and in your message describe your trading style, your objectives and your goals. Once I receive the form I will contact you to proceed further!

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