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The course Carl has made and teaches is the best out there. It’s really all you need and i am very grateful to be a member! The amount of work that has been made to put the course together and the patience with it, is extraordinary. I’m very thankful to have found such a great place to learn and to be a member for life!

Thank you very much!

Rob Dijkema 12/13/2017

I have been a member for a long time. All i can say is great job Carl, i have learned a lot from you, still learning.
And hope to learn in the future.
I have not been so active in the telegram, because there are things that don’t belong there, but a read it all the time, daily!

Carl you are doing a great job, god bless u.

reagards from Slovenia.

Andrej Zadnik 12/13/2017

I went to Online Trading Academy. The course is expensive 7K for a basic intro into forex. If you want to learn what Carl teaches, then that’s even more and I’m talking about 13K plus. Carl videos quiz you so you know if you’re understanding this or not. OTA don’t do that, it’s a cram course in a week and then you’re done. I like the vids because you can watch it over and over. . His webinars are not just about finding trades but teaching as always as he shows possible trade setups. For the price you really can’t beat it. I know others who teach Ichi and it’s not that detail and cost a lot more. I’ve introduced some of my friends to fxatoneglance and some joined and waiting for more.

I'ecus Wilson 12/13/2017

I have learned more about trading in one month with FX at one glance then in six previous years of studying and trading. Carl loves to teach, his content is focused and clear, he is generous with his time, including allowing insights into his thought processes during live trading. My trading has improved tremendously

Denis McMillan 12/13/2017

Joined a little over a month ago. Been following Forex at One Glance for a couple of years on youtube. I tried trading ichimoku based on those videos and made some profit but not much. I needed to find a support group to help me with my market interpretations and trigger setups.

I decided to become a member.

A new world was opened to me. The theory is a lot clearer and my confidence has been boosted. Even though I am entering less trades, the risk I take is less than ever and the profit I am taking is more than ever. While I am writing this, I am literally watching a trade setup Forex at one glance posted in the members forum and watching it rise.

The most important thing is, at this point, the courses and mentorship provided by Forex at one glance has given me clarity to have done these trade on my own.
-My trading processes
-Trade Journaling,
-Money Management
-And clear understanding of entry points and triggers

The members help each other out in a supportive manner and it is like having a team of traders sharing setups and triggers they all find.

I really should have joined a LONG time ago.

Adrian Pedrosa 12/13/2017

Carl is someone you can learn from a lot, he is a great teacher and he is always there to help you. I thought the course was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. After doing the course I started with a demo-account in Forex and I’m now trading live. My goal is to be a great trader.

Linda 12/15/2017

I joined FX at One Glance as a COMPLETE novice. I completed all available courses and began to understand to ideas and practice of the Ichimoku system. There is so much information in the courses that I regularly return to refresh and generally use them as a reference source. Carl’s lesson delivery suits my learning style and made the whole experience rewarding and empowering. The inter-play between the fractal system and the Ichimoku system is vital to my success as a trader and Carl’s passion for both systems and how he gives so freely of his experience and knowledge is unparalleled in the online trading community.
The other feature of the site I have gained an incredible assistance from is the chat room. Sure, for the first few visits I had no idea what the members were talking about, but as my understanding grew so did my appreciation of the other members thoughts and ideas.
This is the only site I would consider for the Ichimoku system, fractal system and genuine passion for traders. Outstanding effort by Carl and all his team.

Philip Mole 12/15/2017

I have belonged to a lot of groups over the years and nothing compares to this one. Great learning videos , instruction, and the forum is really good. Everyone post there trade idea’s and set ups. Carl is one of the best instructors you can get.

Craig 12/16/2017

Hi traders,
if you are wondering about to become a member, I would definitively recommend it. There is everything you need to get better in your trading here. The support from Carl and other experienced traders is awesome. Doesn´t mean you will automatically become a flawless trader. There is a lot of stuff to study and practice.

Roman G. 12/26/2017

I have been trading for one year, after trying almost everything I was about to give up but found Carl’s (aka Chaostrader) videos on youtube and asked him if I could join his team and he accepted me. After taking the courses I realized how wrong I was, now I am on my way and so happy being part of his humble group. Being in this bussisness is tough, you’ll see a lot of people trying to take advantage of it, so when you come here you’ll at first sight recogonize this is unique and real. That’s guaranteed. Posting my EURZAR trade from last week, it went further but was friday. Hopefully these words will encourage someone who is struggling.

Alejandro Sosa Salazar 12/26/2017

Carl is someone you can learn from a lot, he is a great teacher and he is always there to help you. I thought the course was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. After doing the course I started with a demo-account in Forex and I’m now trading live. My goal is to be a great trader.

Linda van Zanten 12/26/2017

Brilliant place for all level of traders! I don’t think I will go to any other sites to learn trading. FX At One Glance is the best. I recommend it so much. Good luck!

Brady 12/26/2017

Thank you Carl I learned a lot from your lesson. I watched your videos several time. Sorry I am not the one who write a lot. I would recommend your courses to everyone in trading world. Thank you and GOD bless you.

Mehrdad 12/28/2017

Carl is truly a great teacher! He is very knowledgeable with clear explanation, easy to follow and understand. His video courses are extraordinary teaching videos. Sensei Carl is an exceptional teacher who has great insight of Ichimoku and Fractal concepts. He is able to take the advanced concepts, break it down and turn them into strategies that you can easily integrate into your own trading. I understand so much about market structure by attending his weekly live webinars in real time! His weekly market analysis will help you learn how to spot high probability trades and how to entry and exit. This is priceless to be able to learn how to trade with high probability of making good profits. I am very fortunate to have found him and learn how to trade successfully from him.

Nova Coleman 12/28/2017

I know Sensei Carl and FX at Once Glance by watching YouTube videos. I heard before that ichimoku is a very powerful trading system. After watched several free education videos provided by Sensei Carl, I was not hesitated to become a lifetime member. Sensei Carl and the mentors here are so helpful, that I mastered the basic skills of ichimoku, fractal and price action after several months of learning and practice. For lacking of discipline, I am not very successful yet. But I believe this system works very well. I will continue to improve my trading and life skills from FX at One Glance forum and chatroom. If there is any chance, I’d like to invite my friends join this membership, too. Happy New Year 2018!

Zhuang Zhong 01/01/2018

Carl is amazingly good at teaching trading and the way he does it. His webinars are priceless and crystal clear when he explains it and needless to say he really cares about his members to understand the structure of the market. His Youtube videos won me over really quick as he is really pragmatic and concise when it comes to what he sees on the market. I would not be trading if it was not because of him.

Daniel Padro 02/22/2018

The educational webinars helped me to improve my trading style not only in FOREX but also in another field where i have more experience. I’m trading binary option and since finished the educational webinars I trade more successfully. Weekly webinar sessions give the members the weekly plan and they will get also the notifications during the week when a trade has been triggered. %100 advisable group to join.
Thank you Carl.

Mehrdad Asadi 07/03/2018

Excellent Courses that helps you to see the Market in fastest way and the best courses that lead to improve your trading skills.

Mehrdad 07/03/2018


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