First I want to say Happy New Years to all and God bless! This website and all of it’s content was meant for traders to help traders become the best they can be. If I am not here to help you be the best that you can be then why am I here? With that said, I am asking every member one question, what would you like to see in 2019? I want to know what you want to see or what you would like to see me add or do with this website to help you become better? What do you want more of, what do you want less of, or what do you want that I am not currently doing. I accept your answers to this question with hope that I can improve your member experience. Anything that you suggest I will try to incorporate if possible so please don’t be bashful, speak out. You can respond right here on the blog by posting a response below and remember, it’s all for you! Thanks for speaking out!