Learn How To Trade Forex Ranges

In this video, I am showing you why you should not trade range breakouts. Many traders like trading range breakout because of the big profit potential offered from a breakout, but before catching that breakout, you suffer many fakeouts resulting in large drawdowns. Instead, traders need to learn how to trade the range zones. I will explain this and also show why you should trade long at support and short at resistance until the market proves otherwise.


  1. Jay-Ar T. Custodio

    Hi Chaos,

    I’ve been following you for two year now and I want to be a consistent trader this start of January 2020.
    Want to learn more about the depth lesson of Ichimoku.

    Thank you for providing your free lesson especially the fractal, supply & demand zone and lastly the ichimoku.

    Hoping you could give me a chance for a free 1 year membership!

    Godbless from Philippines 🙂

  2. Cem

    Mr. Chaos is a real trader that strives to share his knowledge with all new traders. I was losing all trades before i met his techniques. Now, i feel more comfortable and safe in all my trades and i gain most trades consistently.

  3. mubarak

    Lovely, have a great 2020! All the best.

  4. Matthias

    I’d love the one year free membership! Pick me, pick me! God bless.

  5. jamiu adebisi

    It made me understand how to trade 50% retracement and to trade fake breakout. Presently i use to trade EURAUD am bullish with this pattern. Thanks man !

  6. ChaosTrader63

    @Jay-Ar T. Custodio, thanks for following me for the past two years! I appreciate that! Stay committed to what you do and you can achieve profits in 2020. God Bless!

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