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Ichimoku Value Range Observation Theory

Ichimoku is made up of more than just the 5 lines that most traders here in the western world focus on. Ichimoku is also made up of the Time Theory, Wave Theory, Relationship Between Time & Wave, and Value Range Observation Theory. In this video I want to take time to show you one of the range values derived from the Value Range Observation Theory. The value is known as the N value. Many traders probably use this value as it is known as AB=CD or 1:1 Ratio. Today I will show you how it is used along with Ichimoku wave analysis. We will not be discussing Time Theory at all in this video but Sanjin Ichimoku believed that time is the most important aspect of the market and not price as western traders are taught. So let’s jump into the video and if you want to learn more then click become a member and start learning. Currently offering a Lifetime Membership!

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