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Live One Week Ichimoku Interactive Training Session


We will be holding a one week Live Ichimoku training session starting on Monday March 28th and lasting until Friday April 1st. This weekly session will start at 8 am each day of the week and last at least until 10 am and up to 12 noon. We will discuss current market trade setups and opportunities and learn all aspects of the Ichimoku online video course. Attendees can ask questions and learn to understand where their weaknesses are when it comes to trading the markets. Topics will be Ichimoku, Fractals, Support & Resistance, divergence and many more topics. You will get the opportunity to discuss all of your questions that you never have answered. This session will be free to VIP & Associate members that are paying a monthly fee. If you are a VIP member not paying a monthly fee then you will have to pay for the session. Also if you are not a member at all you can pay for this one week session.

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  1. A great course with our Mr. Carl

    I have enjoyed each minute of this great course, really informative and interesting to follow Mr. Carl during his trading daily routine. I got more confidence with my analisys watching live how he works. Amazing, thanks so much!

  2. Nice courses

    Not only this course is great but he have many great courses on the webpage. I can now without hesitating drowing Support en resistance lines and now also what fractals means, these are the main to use in trading.

  3. Waiting on Great

    This was a a great course that truly shows why if you only take high quality trades using The techniques he teaches that you can and will be successful.

  4. Really Informative

    I really enjoyed getting a glimpse in to how Carl looks at the markets in real time . Only wish I could have been on this course live but the recording was great . Defo a massive thumbs up . Another really good 5 hours of learning

  5. Great Explanation on Ichimoku

    This great introduction on Ichimoku and timeframe analysis.

    ChaosTrader spends a lot of time hammering the importance of sticking to a timeframe and trading it. He uses dead simple ideas to analyze the Ichimoku Cloud to determine where price will move and when to enter the market.

    This guy is a great teacher and I can’t wait to learn more!

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