Ichimoku First Glance Video Course


The Ichimoku First Glance Video Course is designed for the Ichimoku enthusiast! This course will walk you through all aspects of the Ichimoku system which will teach you every component of the system and also different trading strategies to use with the system.

Ichimoku is a Japanese trading system that will help you develop patience, discipline, and confidence as you apply this rule based system to your trading. It is usually best for new traders to start with a trading system when first learning how to trade as this will give you a rule based strategy and also give you the opportunity to learn the markets. Start learning this reliable rule based system right here!


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  1. Fantastic course


    I would say the best investment ever i have made to learn about this Ichimoku system through carl’s training course. I think its worth more than its price. I have since hardly made a loss on my trades. Thank you sensei!

  2. Karma Lodro Senge01/08/2016 at 5:20 pm



    This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Hands down! And as far as Ichimoku goes, this is the crème de la crème of courses. You will not find a better course or instructor in Ichimoku anywhere.

  3. Great Course


    Understanding this information will help you keep your account in good shape

  4. Best Course!!


    This course will help you to develope skills you need to become a better forex trader. Ichimoku is a great system for developing rules because you need rules to succeed in forex. This course has put me on a path of success.

  5. Excellent training


    Chaos Ichimoku training has helped our trading so much. It is clear and gives great examples. Unlike other courses that have no backup or community forum this is a well thought out system and community. There is no magic bullet, you have to put in the effort and time in front of charts to understand it but well worth the time spent.

    Rob n Anne

  6. Review by Ali


    Hi Mr.Carl. Thanks for all your are doing. This is a good refresher. Not sure how to access the test.
    All the best

  7. Ichimoku course*********dummy friendly format!


    super easy2understand in simple terms. Instructor does a great job & a good pace laying out course & quizzes…really makes u think! Easy2follow along & excellent examples. Don’t waste your time with other overpriced courses that don’t do the Job! This is the Home for Ichimoku Learning! Ichi in the House!

  8. Video 1


    A great introduction to Ichimoku, emphasising the importance of risk management and support/resistance levels.

  9. The best Ichimoku course out there


    There is no question in my mind this course is the best you can find in terms of quality and educational achievement you will get not to mention the clarity during topics explanations. You will learn EVERYTHING is to be known about Ichimoku. I’ve been a follower of Carl since his posts on Youtube well before there was even a website. Believe me if I tell you I regret I didn’t run into him before. By then I already paid a lot more to know a lot less about Ichimoku. With Carl’s course it all came together and motivation spiked again. You will not find a better Mentor out there. Thank you. Andrea

  10. Excellent Course


    This course are the best, easy to understand and applied to your trading.

  11. Ichimoku Online Video Course


    Highly recommended course to beginners and advanced traders!!! Great mentor and detailed explanation of trading step by step using Ichimoku system!!!

  12. best course ever


    The course helped me to undestand forex and all about ichimoku and price action trading.
    Excellent course.

  13. Once in a lifetime....


    Does a person produce and share information of this quality….. This course can make a difference…. There is a depth of understanding and structure you find nowhere else

  14. Excellent Course


    I had previously bounced around from different courses until I found Carl’s site Chaostrader on YouTube. Then I signed up for his course and haven’t looked back since. If you want to be the best trader you can be find the best trader/teacher and do what he does, and that’s what Carl is.

  15. Great teacher


    I have been trying to learn to trade for over ten years, Only now following the course for the last year has it all started to come together.
    The main point I would like to to make is how enjoyable it has been. Always looking forward to the weekly Forex reviews and new videos. Wishing Carl all the very best for 2016.

  16. Gave me market understanding as a beginner


    I started the course as a complete rookie.
    As the course progressed, I started seeing market structure and was able to trade price action.
    An honest teacher, an honest course.
    Maintained my account in the green ever since.


  17. The man with passion.


    I think, I learn from a man with a passion for the job that performs!
    Thanks Carl 🙂

  18. One stop shop for Forex Trading


    Hi Guyz,

    this website and course is the “One Stop Shop” for the everyone from the beginners to the experts who are serious about trading and making some many serious money. Carl understand the short comings of all traders from beginners to experts. this course is one of the best available and soon it will become the only course you will stick on to as there is loads to learn while practicing.


  19. Excellent Course!


    If trading using Ichimoku is for you then this course is also for you.The way the course is set out is to gradually introduce you to Ichimoku step by step until every aspect of it falls into place in a logical order. Mr Carl has a way of explaining things that make it easy to understand.I can’t recommend this course enough!!!

  20. Great Job


    Thank you for all your hard work Carl. I know it has been a challenge. I’m Looking forward to the price action course. My only problem is getting to the point where I left off in the Ichimoku Course, (heikin-ashi section) Please help.

  21. Excellent trading course


    This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a profitable trader. You can take the course at your own pace with no pressure, and review all elements at your leisure until fully understood. Many examples are given along the way using graphics and real charts. This course is highly recommended for anyone serious about trading fora living.

  22. Ichimoku Online Video Course: Excelllent course, excellent teacher


    If you want to learn Forex and use Ichimoku, you’ll have no better training than this.
    The teacher is superb! He has a way of teaching that makes it all easy to understand. He gives very clear examples, logical instructions and explanations, all step by step.
    Both beginners as advanced traders can learn from Carl’s high quality course.
    You can rewatch the videos for more profound knowledge, because you’ll still learn something new: as you progress as a trader you’ll learn to apply different strategies.
    Carl has indepth knowledge of when and how to use Ichimoku and gives you other techniques as well when Ichimoku does not apply.

    I can’t stress enough that even when you have the best trainer in the world, a training will not work for you if you don’t put in the time and effort to do the work, to learn and apply the lessons in your trading. If you do, this is the best course ever. I’ve seen many courses on Forex and this is the best AND at a very affordable price!
    Carl is very willing to help you if you ask for it, either on the forum or via mail. I can’t think of anyone else who is so available for his students. A man with a passion and a mission!

  23. Ichimoku for dummies guide


    Until I did this course, Ichimoku was a dark art. Carl conveys the essence of Ichimoku in an easy to understand way.

    After completing the course, I had my first 3 months of profit in a row. A first for me.

    Thanks Carl!

  24. Online Course


    Excellent course! It took me from complete beginner to understanding the markets, ichimoku strategies and most importantly self control!

  25. 5

    By far, the most thorough treatment of Ichimoku on the Web.

  26. Very informative Course


    Good course and easy to understand. Starts with the basic and gets step by step more advanced. Thanks for all your efforts.

  27. The best choice


    This is my first course about trading, and i have to say i was really lucky because here at FxAtOneGlance i found everything i need to learn and to improve my knowledge.
    Surely the way to become a professional trader is very long but here you get the good tools and knowledge to do that.
    I really reccomend it!!!


  28. 5

    ChaosTrader63 is a great teacher. His teaching is clear and very easy to follow and understand. His insights makes his teaching very practical to apply in real trading. The best investment I has very made.

  29. The course is not helping.


    The time-frame analysis does not make sense. Also, when answering questions on the quiz – many times none of the answers are correct thus receiving a negative score.

  30. Comprehensive Training


    I have taken a number of trading courses over the years but this is certainly one of the best. Carl lays out the approach to trading with Ichimoku in a clear, logical manner. His approach is to make sure the student understands the principals of trading, especially risk management and patience in waiting for the proper setups to occur.

    When you complete this course, you will understand how to use the Ichimoku system to determine your own trades, and not be dependent on signal services. You will find this an excellent investment for your money if you are serious about becoming a successful trader.

    Wilson Davis

  31. really useful course


    really good course . i learned a lot. will have to keep refreshing untli fully understand everything . specialy fractals, price action, muti time frame analysis . well worth the money.
    thanks Carl.

  32. Good Help


    I d likes the course very much, have learned a lot off new stuff that i didn t now yet. I hade a little bit difficultees with the Quiz because it is in term English and i speak a other language. Thats all, the course is a recommendation.

  33. perfect


    Perfect course. Well explained in videos which you can view as much as you like. Take a quiz thereafter for testing your knowledge. Personally i like the quizzes for a quick fresh up as well.

  34. 5

    thank God i came across this online training helps me alot

  35. Fantastic


    So much great information within. Explained clearly and concisely. Fantastic. Will revisit to refresh, as there is a lot of information to retain.

  36. Superb


    This is a superb course, carl takes his time to explain the detail to you. I have learnt a lot and find it useful to rerun the vids to jog my memory on things.

    Obviously as with all chart training, hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, i believe this has put me on the right track. I hope so as i have tried many different methods for trading now, sigh!!!

    Thank you Carl for an excellent course…………

  37. Ichimoku online course


    A course with a perfect performance connection between theory and practice. Well and clearly explained.
    The secret of a great teacher that everyone remembers Thank you Carl Burgette.

  38. Excellent course


    Every thing in the course is excellent thanks

  39. 5

    I love Carl’s courses! He is such a wonderful teacher. I improved my trading abilities by 100% and already made a very good profit by applying these techniques. I am less stressed too and it helps me to enter trades with less emotions.

  40. Amazing and Great for Begginners


    I studied ichimoku on my own before coming to this course and had to learn the hard way, Save yourself growing pains and learn from an expert. He takes these concepts and breaks them down into small digestible pieces and makes trading easier. Take your time to learn this style of trading and your trading account will eventually grow.

  41. fantastic content


    my introduction to ichimoku was mostly through youtube and a few articles i’d read, and prior to this course i’d say i had a very ‘bare bones’ understanding of how the system worked. i can now say with confidence that i can look at any chart and identify whether or not i should be considering a trade and i have an arsenal of ways that i now understand will allow me to enter and exit a trade carefully. whilst this is a ‘first glance’ tutorial, i guarantee you wont find any youtuber or blog post that can explain the system this clearly and in such depth. looking forward to whats next!

  42. Love the syllabus and how the lessons were laid out..


    i usually go back to the old lessons, and each time, a new revelation pops up, and i pick up new nuggets.

  43. Ichimoku With other indicators


    This is amazing what expect from the course you gave up me more than expected. It is useful for us for removal false trades.

  44. excellent content


    Carl has made ichimoku very straight forward with his clear and well structured teaching
    I am now confident to start using this system to trade

  45. Nice course!


    I think you have very good material here! I pretty much enjoyed the complete course and I believe all the information provided is very useful. The only drawback I see is that most of the times you use the same graphs to show the way in which one should enter the market. At times it seemed like you only found 2 very good examples of bearish and bullish trends and then you explain your trading examples with only those 2 all the time.

    All in all, very nice course!

  46. eye opening


    The title does not give due credit to this course, an amazing course that most probably needs to be reviewed over and over again to get the full depth of knowledge.

  47. the freaking best course out there


    chaos is one of the best teachers….if you want to learn about trading….look no further….this it…10/10!!!!!

  48. Ichimoku First glance video course


    Good course how to learn Ichimoku and understund the Ichimoku, and how to trade it.

  49. Ichimoku First Glance Video Course


    Carl, has taken Forex courses to a completely different level. I’ve taken many Forex courses, all which were good. But this is in a class by itself. You will not get this level of teaching, for this price anywhere. I do not know anyone who is teaching this, if they are, they’re not sharing this information. Carl is a phenomenal teacher. These courses by FXatoneglance, has brought everything into place, where I can now really see it, and understand what is happening in the market. All before I was shooting in the dark. I always liked the look of Heikin Ashi candles, but never understood them, now I understand what is actually taking place. I will now be able to trade with understanding in terms of price action moves in the market. Best Forex teaching every.

  50. Very good course!


    This is a very good course and I am so glad I took it! So much to take in and learn, but I really believe it will help me to become a very good trader!

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