Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques


The Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques video course is a course that will take you beyond the basic signals of Ichimoku. Not many Ichimoku traders in the Western civilization are familiar with the techniques this course will teach you. Get prepared to learn the Three Pillars of Ichimoku which are the Price Theory, Time Theory & Wave Theory. Japanese traders who trade Ichimoku will tell you that the most important aspect is the Time Theory. All this time you have been looking at the basic crossovers and breakout provided by the system! Well get prepared to learn aspects of Ichimoku that will totally blow your mind! You will not find this stuff on the internet!



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  1. Awesome


    Simple, and easy to understand.

  2. Excellent.


    This is very well presented and easy to understand. Great course.

  3. Rare


    The content in this course is mind blowing. Before finding this site I used to spend hours searching YouTube but I have never seen anything like this until now.

  4. Extraordinary


    The ichimoku time theory video is an extraordinary teaching video taught by an exceptional teacher who has great insight and knowledge of the advanced ichimoku concepts. Sensei Carl is able to take the
    advanced concepts, break them down, and turn them into strategies that you can easily integrate into your trading. Overall, a fantastic teaching video I’ve ever watch.

  5. hes a great teacher


    carl is a great teacher and goes out of his way to help others, but ive found this particular training creates too much confusion for me. Perhaps i need to watch for a third or even fourth time to fully appreciate it.

  6. Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques


    Excellent. Time theory is better than Gann.s.
    Keep it up . You are a gifted teacher. I wish I had found you ten years ago.
    God Bless. Amen!

  7. it is good to knew and learn


    awsome, thanks you Sensei to help us

  8. Extraordinary


    These is no where in the western world that you will find these Ichimoku techniques. If you want to be a true ichimoku trader this course will truly help get you to that level.

  9. Amazing


    Its very complex. however, its brilliant. thank u

  10. 5

    Fantastic. I have never heard this before!

  11. Great continuation of the Ichimoku basics


    Ichimoku has everything built in. In my opinion it’s as complete as it gets. Mr Hosada had it figured out and Mr Burgette knows how to convey the knowledge. Well done.

  12. Amazing insight. A method that resonates with me.


    This is the very reason why I subscribed to FX at one glance. After struggling with other confusing and other more complicated forms of technical analysis, I sought a simpler way to conduct my analysis. I an convinced that I have found it in Ichimoku. This is simply because I can understand it and have been able to apply it to my personal trading. Carl’s way of explaining the concepts and providing real world examples using historic and live charts really drives the ideas home. This has truly given me the confidence to ask myself the right questions before I open my positions.

  13. Amazing!


    I can’t stress enough how great a teacher Carl is and how easily he presents the information. The content he discusses in this series CANNOT be found online and i’m so grateful for these teachings. He will make 100% sure no-one is left behind!

  14. Excellent material - thanks Carl


    Carl, you are an exceptional teacher. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge. I have learned so much. Thanks to you, I feel like I have an understanding of the markets.

  15. 5

    The best Best Course about Ichimoku 🙂

    All courses are great but this is the next level!!!

    Greetings 🙂


  16. Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques


    The best place to learn Ichimoku Techniques is here! The best of the best. Thank you!

  17. very good staff


    this is a wow course never expected so in-depth materials

  18. Great course


    This course was true to its title, and provided me with exposure to a lot of ichimoku concepts which I had not been familiar, and they will help me become a better trader with practice and time. I am impressed with Carl B.’s teaching skills, and he presents the concepts in a well paced and easy to understand manner, and ties them back to live charts, which helps to reinforce and illustrate the concepts.

    One thing that I did was to take lots of notes and redraw some of the diagrams presented, so that I can flip back and easily review them and my other notes, from time to time. With a little practice, I’ll be able to take advantage of Henka B, Kihon Suchi, Taitou Suchi, and a few other concepts.

    It’s nice that we have continued access to the completed courses, since I will no doubt, refer back to the videos for a refresher.

  19. Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques


    This is some scary stuff! However the instruction given and the logical way it was presented makes it understandable. The charts take on another dimension with all of the information that can be used to break them down. With lots of practice to gain more skill the “light switch” moment is not far away. The best course I have seen on Forex and Ichimoku without a doubt.

  20. advanced


    great stuff… continuing the journey!!

  21. 5

    You won’t find training like this anywhere on the web. Excellent training!

  22. Great Course


    You don’t find any of this stuff on the internet. This is really amazing.

  23. Excellent


    Great instructor. Great course. Some of the theories presented can be initially overwhelming but by the end of the course you will have a much deeper understanding of Ichimoku.

  24. Excellent course


    Every thing in this course is excellent thanks

  25. Awesome class


    I learned a lot of great information in this course, I am seeing big improvement in my trading already. Thank you for keeping the price for the class low and sharing your knowledge with us.

  26. Amazing


    Wow just wow.. Not only is the content interesting but the way Carl explains the theory then its application is mind blowing. such a great instructor. thank you.

  27. dude.....im blown awayyyy!!!!!


    this is the best course and the best teacher ever….this is some advance stuff…wowwwwww…..amazing…. 5/5 simply the best ever!!!!!

  28. Ichimoku Advanced Japanese Techniques


    I’ve taken several forex courses over the years, this course far surpassed them all. This is forex training on a completely different level. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to trade the forex market.

  29. Great course


    very informative

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